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Bar Point NSW

Bar Point is solely a water access river settlement west of the mighty Hawkesbury River Road & Rail Bridges. It shares its location with Popran National Park famous for its abundant wildlife, birds; especially Sea  & Wedge tail Eagles & reptiles.

Settlement goes back to the 1880’s & today there are some 235 residential lots. Some 90 people including children call this place home.

As the name implies, Bar Point is the head waters of interconnecting river inflows namely Berowra Creek, Marramarra Creek fed from Hornsby Heights & Galston Gorge & the main tributary flowing from Windsor/Wisemans Ferry fed from the Coxs  River in the Blue Mountains & The Nepean.

People come to Bar Point to escape the stress & anxiety of city life which is only less than 40 kilometres away, as the crow flies. 

Residents rely on blessings from the sky in the form of rain for their water needs. Electricity is from the grid. 

Boating, Fishing, Bush Walking, Swimming & Crabbing are just some of the leisurely activities that one can enjoy at Bar Point.

The Riverboat Postman, a regular mail boat/passenger service visits Bar Point once a day (Monday to Friday, public holidays excluded), departing at 10am from Brooklyn Marina Wharf.

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